Pressure washing is a washing service that involves the use of high pressure to ensure that dirt, mud, dust, mold, loose paint, and grime are removed from surfaces. It is highly recommended for cleaning concrete surfaces, vehicles, and buildings. If it has been a long time since you last cleaned your property, it is important that you consider pressure washing. It will help restore its former glory and ensure that everything looks amazing. However, you will have to hire a professional for performing the pressure wash as it is not something that you should do on your own. 

Pressure washing has become incredibly popular as it offers a host of benefits as mentioned below.

  • Gets rid of graffiti and stains.
  • Improves the curb appeal of your property. 
  • Prevents repairs by keeping your home in excellent condition. 
  • Protects everyone at the property by promoting health and safety.
  • Cleans the associated spaces for providing a spotless look and feel. 
  • Removes dirt and grime to ensure that your property shines and looks its best. 
  • Boosts the value of your house and allows you to sell in less time for a higher price.

Although both power washing and pressure washing share many similarities, they are considered to be different services. Their main difference is the use of heat. Power washing utilizes heated water for getting rid of dirt, bacteria, mold, and other substances from the surface. A jet wash is used for power washing. It provides heated water for the service. On the other hand, pressure washing relies on high pressure for cleaning all types of surfaces. It is just as popular as power washing and offers amazing results. You will need to ask a professional about which service to use. 

In order for a pressure wash to provide the best results, hot water, and high pressure are used. As the hot water is blasted against a surface at high pressure, it helps get rid of dirt and other materials from the outdoor surfaces. By combining hot water and high pressure, it becomes possible to remove all types of substances that you have trouble removing. You will find the service to be just what you need to beautify your home. A pressure wash eliminates dust and dirt to ensure that you do not have to deal with anything.   

Even though power washing is highly effective when it comes to cleaning, it can damage concrete. This is why it is crucial that low pressure is used to get rid of dirt and dust. If high pressure is used, you would notice visible damage. Hence, if you are not careful, irreversible damage would occur. It is due to this that you need a professional to perform the power wash. Otherwise, your patio or driveway would become damaged. Besides, you can also hurt yourself if you take on the power wash on your own. 

Power washing can clean all types of surfaces. However, it does have certain limitations that you need to be aware of. Some of the surfaces that should not be pressure washed include laminar sandstone as you would end up washing the grooves in it. As the material is very soft, it is not advisable to power wash it. 

Moreover, you should also avoid power washing painted items. However, a professional would know how to power wash a painted surface without causing any damage. If you are unsure about power washing something, you should consider asking a professional for advice. 

For those of you that do not know, soft washing is a cleaning technique that uses low pressure water for safely cleaning surfaces. The method uses cleaning solutions for killing bacteria, moss, mildew, and mold as well as other microorganisms. Generally, soft washing is suggested for surfaces that are too sensitive to be power washed. For instance, soft washing is the right option when cleaning your roof as it would ensure that your roof does not get damaged. 

If you are considering pressure washing your home, you should make sure that you pressure wash at least once a year. Otherwise, it is best that you hire a pressure washing company every 6 months. It will help ensure that your property remains in excellent condition. The fact is that a pressure wash is considered to be a part of routine maintenance. It allows you to take care of the exterior of your property. Keep in mind that most experts advise that homeowners should get their property pressure washed every year and nothing less. 

Since selecting a pressure washing company is one of the most difficult decisions that you will need to make, it is crucial that you think things through. The following will help point you in the right direction.

  • Experience: Make sure that you pick out a service provider that is highly experienced. 
  • Equipment: Find out if the service provider has the equipment needed to take on the job. 
  • Personnel: The pressure washing company should employ the best personnel for performing the work. 
  • Reputation: To stay on the safe side, you should also learn more about the reputation of the pressure washing company. 

If you decide to pressure wash your property, the amount of time it would take for the technicians to get the job done depends on the size of your property and the surfaces that you need to get cleaned. Generally, a pressure wash would take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to complete. However, you can always ask the company to find out how much time it would take. As you would need to supervise the work, you would be able to carry on with your day without having to worry about anything.